Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Marly Mania

Fast food is junk food. Or is it? Marly's Kitchen is redefining speedy eating.

Staff Writer

Someone once told us that all fast food was junk food. It was probably our parents as they forced us to eat steamed broccoli at the dinner table while we gagged internally. But then Marly’s Kitchen – that new(ish) place with the ubiquitous billboards that we’d seen everywhere and had been dying to try, but weren’t quite sure what kind of food they served – informed us that we were sorely mistaken and to prove it they sent over some of their dee-lish international fusion dishes. And our world was changed. Well, not really, but our taste buds had a joyous little party in our mouths.

So, the way this cute little kitchen’s ordering system works is you pick your base (i.e. egg noodles, rice or pasta – i.e. your carb dose) and then your topping (shrimps, beef, chicken or veggies – and this makes us feel healthy ‘coz it’s protein/fibre) and then for the cherry on top, you drown it in some yummy sauce (maybe not so healthy but 
so, so good). Sound delicious? It is delicious, bitches.

And it made our day as we sat eating it out of cute Chinese-takeout-style boxes that we’d always seen on American television and really wanted to eat out of because it made us feel cool and reminded us ofThe Big Bang Theory. And then we got to do it and our life was complete. Marly’s Kitchen, where have you been all our lives?

So next time you’re craving noodles/next time you wanna channel an American TV show where they all order Chinese takeout, go get yourself some Marly’s Kitchen.

Marly’s Kitchen, 5 Narges Street. 2nd left from el Thawra Street, Mohandessin, Cairo. Tel: (+2) 0109 000 9074