Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Marshmallow Cake Pops Exist and They're a Bite of Heaven

Looking for some food therapy? Cake pops. The answer is always cake pops.

Staff Writer

Who cares about keeping up with this year’s New Year's resolution? Going to the gym for all those hours? Puh-lease, the only reason we'd do that is to burn off the cake pops we've been snacking on throughout the day. If you haven’t tried a cake pop by now, you haven’t been living! These wonderful tasty balls of cake covered in extra sugary icing on a stick aren't only an awesome snacking option for the never-ending workday, but they're also a good alternative to the La Poire cake everyone brings to every occasion ever – birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, all of them.

Nasr City, we've got good news for you. Pop Your Top is now up and running in your neck of the woods thanks to one Sandra Makram William who started the business at home this pasty July after seeing cake pops all over the good ol' world wide web. "I was attracted to the idea because cake pops looked so gorgeous so I wanted to learn how to make them and decorate them myself," she says. "I love producing and designing things with my hands." We love it too, Sandra, because the result looks something like this...

So how do you get your hands on these colourful delicious bites of heaven? You can get in touch with William three days prior to whenever you need them – think Sunday morning work meetings – and you'll have your order delivered to you then. “I do all kinds of designs, and most of them are customised. The choice of cake filling can be either vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, or strawberry, and the icing on the outside is made of white chocolate or milk chocolate. I also make all kinds of shapes out of sugar paste, like roses,” says William. But hang on, are those marshmallow pops we're seeing?!


 Yea, those are marshmallow pops we're seeing. And green apple pops. And sprinkles. And... okay, hang on, we need some drool control up in here.

Check out Pop Your Top’s Facebook here and Instagram here to order.