Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Martin's Beach Club Is Taking Summer In Sahel To Another Level

With news of a gorgeous pool on deck, La Bodega eats in the kitchen, their own Gold's Gym and plenty of parties planned, Martin's Beach Club is set to take over your Instagram this summer.

Staff Writer

June has been taking forever to end, and being Ramadan we have been dying to hit the beach and finally get the summer properly started. Leading the call, and returning to raise the bar on North Coast sea-side destinations, is none other than Martin's Beach Club. Since opening up in Marassi's North Beach, Martin's Beach Club has become one of Sahel's favourite hot spots, visited by people and celebrities from all over the coast, to relax from 11am to sunset, while ensuring your Instagram looks its best this summer.  

Martin's Beach Club is the closest one can get to feeling like they have been magically transported to somewhere in the Caribbean without having to pay the airfare. The well-established beach haven offers the overworked, overtaxed, and sleep-deprived a home away from home – except nicer, funner, and nothing like your home, really... In fact, we've been having recurring dreams about their beautifully clean pristine beach and masterfully prepared cocktails ever since last summer – a comforting thought whenever city life gets too real for reality. Amazingly, this summer Martin’s Beach Club taking things to another level with an Instagram-worthy pool on deck, the deliciously exquisite La Bodega in the kitchen, and the clock set to ignite or even recapture your youth in their cool breeze ultra-comfy beach set up.

Martin's Beach Club is easily making the case that it's the only club you will want to be a member of this summer. If the killer combination of La Bodega taking care of the food, incredible staff taking care of the service, amazing Djs taking care of the dance/beach floor and a cool pool on deck hasn't got you trading in your sporting club membership, then consider the fact that they have their very own Gold's Gym to help keep your Format El Sahel on point!

Now as a nation that loves to replicate its genes, it's understood that there are a lot of children out there looking for fun. Instead of making you feel excluded because you brought light into this world, Martin's Beach Club invites you to bring your kids and grants them free access, ensuring that a lifeguard is monitoring the pool at all time, to guarantee your stay is a stress free as possible.

Martin's Beach Club kicks off the season on Saturday July 9th with the first installment of its R&B Summer Jam, featuring DJ KaBoo & A.K; but, unless your name is on that very exclusive list of invitees, you’re straight out of luck! Okay, not quite, because there will still be three more daytime Summer Jams to crash throughout the season.

For more check out Martin's Beach Club on Facebook and Instagram @martinsbeachclub!