Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Massimo Dutti Releases its First Perfume Collection in Egypt

Inspired by the art travel, 'The Secret of Scent' encapsulates the aroma of six iconic travel destinations in perfume bottles.

Staff Writer

It's been proven that smell is one of the strongest senses human beings posses. You could forget a memory, a place, or even a person, but a whiff of some scent can teleport your being to the same feeling you had when you first smelled it. And because each smell has a story behind it, Massimo Dutti has just dropped its first perfume collection in Egypt, The Secret of Scent, featuring six high-end fragrances inspired by famously mesmerising travel destinations.

The most iconic and sought after destination of all, New York City, is captured in the women collection's Manhattan Light perfume, channelling the elegance, luxury, and boundless imagination the big apple is famously known for. If the breathtaking French country is more what you're into, then opt for the refined Souffle Marais. Evening Whispers, an exquisite fragrance which can work for day and night occasions is the third item from the women's collection.

Men, on the other hand, can choose amongst three different perfumes with each having its own distinct identity. Inspired by sandy terrains mixed with a hint of sweetness, the first of them is Kashbah Sunset, while the refreshing rhythm of the oceans served as the inspiration for the minty-fresh Island Accord. Last but most definitely not least is the Sandy Papyros - an enigmatic smell  which is wood-based and dripping in seductiveness.  

If you were around for the opening of Massimo Dutti's first branch in Egypt in the early 2000s, you would know they single-handedly, along with its sister brands Zara and Bershka, changed how Cairenes shop for high-end apparels once and for all. And now they're back at it again by giving us a perfume collection crafted for the gods. What's there not to love?

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