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Archaeologists Discovered an Enormous Ancient Egyptian Building in Giza

It’s not every day that you stumble upon a whole house now, is it?

archaeological building discovered in Giza

In a spot of domestic news this fine Wednesday afternoon, an Egyptian archaeological expedition has unearthed a massive ancient building in the Mit Rahina area of the governorate of Giza.

The building measures in at about 17 metres in length and 14.5 metres in width, and is believed (so far) to have been part of a residential area in the ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis. Clay bricks make up the ancient structure, with a massive limestone block supporting it. Its foundations, external walls and inner staircase seem to be constructed using red bricks. This is all in accordance with information provided by Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mostafa Al-Waziry.

archaeological building discovered in Giza

The large building appears to have multiple entrances, as well as what appears to be servants’ quarters attached to its outer wall. A baking oven tile similar to ones used today in rural Egyptian villages was also found.

In addition, a smaller structure was found to the southwest of the ancient home, consisting of what appears to be a Roman bathroom, and a room reserved for religious rituals featuring a purification basins and a limestone pot holder adorned with the head of the Ancient Egyptian god Bes.

archaeological building discovered in Giza

According to the Head of the Central Department of the Antiquities of Cairo and Giza, Adel Okasha, further excavations and studies into the newly-discovered structure will be underway to find out more about the buildings past.

Images from Xinhua


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