Friday April 19th, 2024
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Massive Car Park to End Traffic in Tahrir

Scheduled to open with the 6th October War commemorations this year, will this LE30 million project solve all our traffic woes?

Staff Writer

Massive Car Park to End Traffic in Tahrir

Traffic congestion is an epidemic that has gripped Egypt for far too long, and nowhere worse is it than in the heart of downtown Cairo. Finally addressing this problem, Egyptian officials have announced a plan to install an underground car park underneath Tahrir Square.

Speaking with Al-Ahram, Cairo governor Galal Mostafa Said stated that the car park opening will coincide with the 6th October War Celebrations. The car park is expected to consist of four underground floors, that should be able to hold up to 1,700 cars and 24 buses.

This LE30 million car park will not only help traffic flow, but will also improve safety in the area. Also set to help is the addition of three new bus routes, equipped with a total of 21 air-condition wi-fi equipped buses. At the same time authorities will also be pushing for stricter enforcement against both traffic and parking regulations.

This ambitious undertaking could solve once and for all the troubles of travelling downtown, and with the combination of clearing illegal street vendors, should bring downtown one step closer to being car-free, while giving a boost to the economy.