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Massive WWII Bomb Discovered Underwater In Sahel

A massive World War II bomb has been discovered hiding in the waters of Sahel by a couple of unsuspecting snorkelers.

As the Sahel season comes to an end, we're clearly not letting it go without finding something way more dramatic than that time a whale showed up. Posting the image currently going viral on Facebook is Ali Ahmed El-Hommsani, who claims his father and his uncle went snorkelling at the La Vista Cascada beach, around 2 kilometres away from Marassi, and discovered a high-capacity 4000 pound Blockbuster Bomb.

According to El-Hommsani, the purpose of his father and uncle snorkelling trip was to investigate and gain a better understanding why there's an "absence of marine life" in this area of the Mediterranean sea. The brothers then came across a metallic body, at a 2-metre depth and 75 km offshore, that looked old enough to be from centuries back.

After some research, and quite a few hypothesis (including the body being a bell from a sunken ship), they decided "searching the types of bombs the Royal British Air Force used to bombard the German troops at Al Alamein area during WWII," El-Hommsani writes. This type of bomb turns out to be the largest conventional bombs used in World War II by Britain's Royal Air Force and was also discovered in 2011 in the Rhine river near Germany. 

It's worth noting that in the past 5 years, along with Rhine river bomb, another two were found in Dortmund in 2013, and Vicenza in 2014. 

The original post is below:

Main image courtesy of Ali Ahmed El-Hommsani.