Sunday June 4th, 2023
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Mavi Makes it to Cairo

The premium denim brand brought fun and goodwill to Cairo Festival City Mall with their grand opening last weekend...

Staff Writer

Cairo’s shopping scene just got an urban new addition as jeans giants Mavi inaugurated their first store in Cairo Festival City Mall last weekend with a bang, fusing the dreaminess of designer denim with fun, music and feel-good moments. 

The flagship store is lined, floor- to-ceiling, front-to-back with denim, in every shape, colour and size you can imagine. From booty-flattering cuts for the ladies to heavy duty baggy men’s styles, all with Mavi’s signature stitching and fixtures, there’s literally a pair for everyone – even celebrities, as the likes of Kate Winslet have been snapped in Mavi denim, while the gorgeous Adriana Lima was the face of the brand in 2012.

But it’s not just jeans on offer. As the music pumped, courtesy of an in-store DJ, Cairo’s most curious shoppers dropped by to browse their full selection, from modern takes on knitwear, to leather jackets and every streetwear trend in between. Apparently, Mavi isn’t just about looking good, though. It’s about doing good too – that’s why they offered anyone who donated an old pair of jeans to charity, via their in-store drop-off point, a 30% discount on a new pair. Amassing hundreds of donations in just one day, Mavi has certainly made its mark!

Find out more about Mavi Egypt on their official Facebook page here.