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Mawenly: Gas at Your Fingertips

A brilliant new Egyptian mobile app allows you to locate the nearest gas station that actually has fuel!

Are you tired of searching for gas stations that actually have fuel? Are you sick of the long lines that seem to have no end when you do finally find one? Well, look out smartphone users: there is relief in the form of a brand new app, Mawenly. The brainchild of founder Ahmed Abd El Moniem , an iOS developer, and Islam Zawawi, an art director, the sorely needed app lets you find out which gas stations are well-stocked before you even step foot in your car.  

Ahmed Abd El Moneim came up with the idea about eight months ago, but three months ago they started working on the final version after Egypt was hit with another massive wave of gas shortages. The app is user friendly and provides two options from home page. Either Mawenly will help you find the closest gas station to your location via GPS, or you can browse through a list of all the stations in the country. Once you find the station you are looking for, you are then able to see the availability of gas octanes (80, 90, 92, 95, Solar, etc.), whether they’re currently refuelling their pumps and even how crowded the station is, all based on user generated information.

Last night I saw long lines at every pump I visited, and was just wishing there was an app that could tell me what stations would be best for the inevitable gas station date night in store for me and my wife. At one Mobil station, I witnessed the spontaneous formation of a drum circle, which provided some entertainment for my four hour gas date. Here’s hoping that in the future there will be a section on Mawenly to help find the best gas station party.

For the time being, the app is available only on iOS (that’s Apple products for those of you who don’t know). However, the creators are already working on Android and Window versions, as well as many cool updates.

Find out more about Mawenly on their Facebook page here and follow @Mawenly on Twitter. To download the app, search ‘Mawenly’ in the App Store.