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R4BIA: Hands Up

Meanwhile in One Direction Land

MBC's Raya Abirached is interviewing One Direction, which is good for her show Scoop, but not so good for our Twitter timelines...

Can you hear that? That high pitched, banshee-like wail that can only issue from the throat of a mythical creature? Well, it's not a banshee. It is, however, is the the sound of millions of Arab fangirls screaming themselves silly over One Direction. MBC reporter Raya Abirached from celebrity show Scoop is sitting down with the famous British boy band, pioneered the hashtag #AskRayaOneDirection, where doting fans and screaming teenagers can tweet any question they want to the surprisingly-famous boy band for her to ask. Patrons of all things frivolous, we here at CairoScene decided to gather up some of the most entertaining questions fans decided to ask.