Sunday June 23rd, 2024
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Media Meltdown: Ferguson vs Egypt

The western media's coverage of the events surrounding the Egyptian revolution were hyper-sensationalised, to put it mildly, but what if they were to cover the events at Ferguson in the same way… here's an idea of how it would look...

Staff Writer

Media Meltdown: Ferguson vs Egypt

What is happening in Ferguson is absolutely dreadful, and very telling that angered American masses aren't all that different than the angry Egyptian masses. However, as each day passes, it become clearer that the way international media covers Ferguson is quite different. Aside from the clear differences, both groups are seeking justice. Often on just the basis of tweets and photos, many of these media abusers take these images, sensationalise a headline, and report it as if they were there and that images don't lie. All they end up managing to do is stoke further fears among already frightened masses. So here is our attempt to cover Ferguson using the same sentences/headlines international media used in describing the protests in Egypt. 

American Military deploys in Ferguson under Curfew. NBC

"Unarmed Protesters Shot By Army" Huffington Post


Protesters slam controversial law that limits right protest. Press TV

 Heavily-armed police and troops reportedly opened fire with machine guns on thousands of demonstrators, including women and children. Daily Mail 

 'Horrible': Stores across Ferguson stormed, torched. CNN

CNN producer Steve Brusk Tweeted, "Anderson said he was punched 10 times in the head as pro-Mubarak mob surrounded him and his crew trying to cover demonstration."

Another crowd of liberal activists attempting to rally was dispersed by firing tear gas and birdshot at people protesting against the government.


Ferguson police: Take ‘necessary measures’ to end protests. Washington Times

Plague of Thugs. Foreign Policy

 Military says protesters use children as human shields. LA Times