Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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Meet Street Fighter's New Arab Character Rashid

Announced at Dubai's Games15, Rashid comes dressed in traditional Arab garb and a killer beard.

Staff Writer

We, as a people, have often gotten the cold shoulder from nations abroad, whether it was how we're depicted in films, or how we were never part of their songs, and even their video games. We were often shunned and disregarded from their pop culture for what could be obvious reasons. But things change and nations rise, and sooner or later, because of the internet, the world can't ignore this loud and influential part of the world. We are, by some sort of miraculous freak accident of nature, humans as well and we deserve a little attention.

So in a new and much appreciated gesture, designed to cater to the Arab people, Street Fighter 5 just unveiled new character Rashid at Games15, a video game expo currently being held in Dubai, where Capcom's Yoshinori Ono introduced the new addition. Although details about Rashid's abilities and play style haven't yet been revealed, it seems he will have the ability to control wind. Rashid can be seen dressed in everyday desert garb, complimented with a turban, obviously. Although not much else is known about Rashid, we sure are glad you can't use weapons or ammunition in Street Fighter otherwise this would have been a total stereotypical mess.

Watch Rashid's promo video below: