Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Microsoft Will Supply Satellite Internet Across Egypt & Africa

Egypt might be getting satellite internet courtesy of tech juggernauts Microsoft…

Cairo Scene

Microsoft Will Supply Satellite Internet Across Egypt & Africa

Attempting to rectify the digital divide between Africa and the rest of the world, Microsoft is planning to supply 10 million people across the continent with internet access via satellite. The priority in terms of widespread distribution encompasses Egypt, with parts of Senegal and Angola following closely after.

Brought to life under the guidance of U.S. president Joe Biden and Microsoft president Brad Smith, the project’s main goals are to supply the region’s surplus of communications talent with the resources they so heavily lack. 

The choice to install a satellite remedies the concerns that have previously hindered internet development in the region, the most notable being unreliable electricity sources. As such, this alternative solution is set to provide broadband speed to Egypt and neighbouring countries in a more reliable form.