Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Middle East to See Record Temperatures This Weekend

Watch out Arabs, the heat is coming.

Staff Writer

Reports from meteorological centres all over the region are getting us hot under the collar, as they warn of a massive heatwave to be awaited in the Middle East as soon as this Thursday, 13th August. Centres have been sharing predictions with the citizens, aiming to warn them all against the upcoming evil heat, even going so far as to think the awaited temperatures will break records.

Iraq's seismology and meteorological centre forecasts the heat to reach a degree of 50 Celsius, which is equivalent to half of that of boiling water.

Neighbouring countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the UAE have received prognosis saying that their area will pass the 45 Celsius during on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, while Cairo will reach 41 Celsius by Friday.

Helping residents cope with the over-warming conditions, countries Irag and Lebanon have issued a four-day holiday, avoiding catastrophes such as India's insane heat wave that took 750 lives.

With southern Pakistan also losing around 1,200 lives to the high temperature of 45, this year certainly looks forward to becoming one of the hottest yet. Global warming is real, current and turning into a nightmare.