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Midnight Metro Is Making Its Way To Cairo Jazz Club

Blaze a dancing trail with DJ El Wad Na3Na3 and Ramy DJunkie, as Lebanese Midnight Metro makes its way to Om El Donya this May.

Beirut’s Midnight Metro is coming soon to wreak havoc in Cairo with its bursting tunes on May 4th where you can dance the night away to DJ El Wad Na3Na3’s infectious beats followed by rhythm monster, Ramy DJunkie.

Since it's DJ Na3 Na3's first time playing in Egypt, you should know the night will feature the best of 90s Arabic music as he's known to playfully integrate traditional oriental works with more contemporary tunes - perfect for satisfying that Shaaby urge, without being too Shaaby.

''My inspiration comes from things that move," DJ Na3Na3 explains. Relying on actions to create art is a holdover from his days as a scriptwriter and director. He strives to create "something new" in his music so that people will be keen on repeated listens. 

"I mix the cheesy Arab Pop with Alternative Arabic music, Electronic and traditional," he adds before describing how stoked he is on making this trip from Beirut to Cairo. 

Metro Al Madina, the famous cultural Lebanese cabaret promising "an endless ride of happiness" through its Metro Midnight parties, has made a name for itself in Hamra for opening the stage to local and regional talents delivering Folk and Pop arts. If it’s one thing we love from Lebanon, other than their scrumptious kibbeh, it’s their thriving platform for the underground and experimental music scene. Get a taste this weekend!

For more details about the Cairo Jazz Club event, click here or follow them on Instagram @cairojazzclub.

Photo Retrieved From DJ EL Wad Na3Na3's Facebook Page.