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Mince Now in Heliopolis!

Not only is Mince bringing its mouthwateringly juicy burgers to Heliopolis, it's opened up a full-on diner, complete with '50s style milkshakes, breakfast and a whole load of gourmet goodness!

We all rememeber the good old days of the 1950s - a drive-in movie, fooling around with your girl, followed by a milkshake and fries in the diner.

What, you don't?! - Well calm down Faysal - you too can live like Fonsie, thanks to Mince and their all-American diner in Heliopolis. For the first time in Cairo you can swap boring basterma for buffalo-style burgers and ditch shawarma for sizzling US style steak.

Waitresses, in dangerously short mini skirts gliding around on even more deadly rollerskates while chewing bubble gum? - Well ok, maybe not.

However instead they'll have one of London's top diner chefs - Patryk Stlowinsky - serving up the best in top quality burgers, milkshakes, hotdogs and a damn good American breakfast.

The awesome U.S. style grub house also features both meat and veggie options, and truck load of delicious homemade deserts for the sweetheart in your life. What else to say except - Happy Days!

The Mince American Diner is 4, Abdel Moneim Hafez, Almaza, Heliopolis. Check it out, now open!