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Mindhaus Offer Unique Office Spaces in the Most Tranquil Environment

Marakez is set to launch Mindhaus, a project encompassing dynamic and flexible office spaces to suit every need.


It’s often thought that people are most creative when they’re in a comfortable, beautiful space, which improves general workplace morale. Providing just that is Mindhaus, located in District 5, set to offer gorgeous office complexes that serve the needs of young entrepreneurs and medium-sized established businesses. Mindhaus provide well-rounded office experiences, including sports facilities, a shopping mall and entertainment.

Mindhaus will provide ready-to-move-in office spaces for lease, ideally suited for small enterprises. Moving away from the idea of stuffy, tight work spaces, the offices are spread over 50,000 sqm of land and 110 office modules, each with a flexible layout to provide you with the freedom to set up your office space the way that best suits your business. You also have the option of adding a mezzanine level to your space.

The office spaces for sale are perfectly suited for medium enterprises looking to move to independent buildings, with a lovely view of the residential area on one side and the commercial zone on the other, and easy access to all amenities within the compound. The buildings will be available as standalones, doubles, quartets and multiple building typologies. Firms will have the distinctive option of owning standalone buildings, ensuring complete privacy. Each building can be divided into one, two or four separate units.

Different complimentary amenities and services are accessible, ensuring a balanced experience, such as common meeting rooms, pharmacies, convenience stores and coffee shops, as well as the Mall of Kattameya. All services will be located around a series of piazzas that connect all of the elements together. Mindhaus present dynamic office spaces with everyone’s needs in mind in a stunning and uplifting setting. Often, we try to escape from our stressful jobs whenever we can. With Mindhaus, there's no need for that as the incredible open green spaces and plethora of amenities bring you that much-desired feeling of relaxation right to your workplace.