Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Ministry of Culture Announces 2024 Legal Research Competition

Based on the fields of “law, citizenship and human rights”, the research competition is accepting submissions until August 29th.

Raïs Saleh

Ministry of Culture Announces 2024 Legal Research Competition

The Supreme Council of Culture is launching a research competition for young Egyptian scholars in the fields of "law, citizenship, and human rights."

Sponsored by Dr. Nevine Al-Kilani, the Minister of Culture, the competition aims to encourage scholarly contributions in these critical areas. The winners will receive cash prizes, namely: EGP 10,000 for first place, EGP 8,000 for second place, and EGP 5,000 for third place. In addition to the monetary awards, winners will be honoured with certificates of appreciation, publication of their research in the Journal of Legal Culture, and a feature in the ‘Awareness of Law’ initiative on the Supreme Council of Culture’s YouTube channel and website.

The competition is open to researchers aged 20-40 years, with submissions ranging from 15 to 20 pages (approximately 5,000 to 6,000 words). Research must be formatted in A4 size, using Traditional Arabic font, size 14. It is crucial that submissions are original, not previously submitted, and adhere to scientific research standards. Each research paper should be supported by facts, analyses, and appropriate citations, maintaining a high standard of linguistic and scholarly integrity.

To participate, researchers must submit both a hard copy and an electronic copy on a CD. Additionally, they need to provide a copy of their national ID, a personal photo, and bank details or proof of mobile payment options. Submissions should be sent to the Supreme Council of Culture, located at 1 El Gabalaya St., Gezira. The deadline for receiving works is August 29th, 2024.