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10 Egyptian Schools Were Allowed to Raise Tuition Fees Beyond The Legal Limit

The schools were exempted from a law that stops them from raising their tuition fees by more than 14 percent.

Since the flotation of the Egyptian Pound last year, Egyptians have been complaining about the raised price of everything. The price of food, clothes, transport, you name it. But nobody has been complaining more than parents paying for international schools as prices this year have almost doubled in prices. 

According to Al Masry Al Youm, the Ministry of Education, to combat this, has put heavy enforcement on a law that doesn’t allow any increase in tuition fees by more than 14 percent that which passed in 2014. However, last Sunday, the ministry exempted 10 schools from this law because these schools apply ‘circula of a special international nature’ and there was a deficit in their budgets. These 10 schools were allowed to raise their tuition fees to meet their deficits but will have to abide by the law next year. 

Among these schools were the Modern English School located in New Cairo. This premium Egyptian school offers an American, British, and international programme and was allowed to its fees by 24 percent. Both Nermeen Ismail Schools in New Cairo and East Nasr City offer an American education and both increased their tuition fees by 27 and 45 percent respectively. Both AIS branches in Sheikh Zayed and in New Cairo were also allowed to increased their fees by 30 and 20 percent. The Victoria College branch in Alexandria was also exempted from the law, but only the British division was allowed to increase its fees, which it did by 48 percent. And the German Schools in Alexandria and Dokki, known for their elite Abituar education were both allowed to increase their fees by 45 and 34 percent respectively.