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Ministry of Industry to Scrap Cars that are Over 20 Years Old

The Ministry of Industry will be scrapping cars that are over 20 years old, in an attempt to make the country more reliant on natural gas.

Living in the big city, it’s not uncommon to see an old, rundown car and immediately think “how on earth is that still running?”, “is it safe to drive it in the first place?” or "has this abandoned garbage heap crossed the line into a charming vintage item?" – and a lot of the time the answer to all three are "no absolutely not." And it seems like these recurring anxieties will be a thing of the past, as the Ministry of Industry will be scrapping all cars that are over 20 years old, while providing citizens with a monetary compensation between EGP 8000 and EGP 12,000 to serve as a down payment for a brand new car. Car owners will then be able to apply for a loan to purchase a new car via the Ministry’s Project Development Authority, and will be able to pay back the loan at 0% interest.

The overall aim is to ‘drive’ Egypt to become more dependent on natural gas. Soon, any cars that do not have a dual-fuel engine will not be eligible for license renewals, a policy that will be implemented with the hope for a greener Egypt.

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