Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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Minya's Mallawi Museum Celebrates 7th Anniversary With Special Exhibit

The museum’s ‘Hekayat Henno’ exhibit will display a collection of artefacts from the ancient tomb of Henno.

Cairo Scene

Minya's Mallawi Museum is marking its seventh reopening anniversary with a temporary showcase of the 'Hekayet Henno' exhibition, which offers a special glimpse into a collection of artefacts from the First Intermediate Period between 2181 BC and 2055 BC.

The 'Hekayet Henno' exhibit (which means ‘Tales of Henno’ in Arabic) primarily centres around artefacts recovered from the tomb of Henno, an overseer of religious endowments whose tomb was discovered by a Belgian mission in Minya in 2002.

The collection features intricate wooden statues that reflect the artistry of the era, complemented by models showcasing ancient trades like mud brick-making and bread preparation, offering a window into the daily life of ancient Egypt. Additionally, the exhibit will be paired with an art workshop that will help visitors recreate some of these archaeological treasures.

First established in 1961, the Mallawi Museum underwent an extensive renovation before reopening in 2016. The museum houses a diverse collection of artefacts from various eras that helps represent Mallawi's local cultural heritage, including Pharaonic, Greek, Coptic, and Islamic periods.