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Underprivileged Children's Artworks Promoted and Supported by Egyptian Charity Foundation

In the latest addition to their projects, Misr El Kheir will be supporting the children's educations in their community schools located in Upper Egypt.

egyptian school art class

Misr El Kheir Foundation reportedly stated that they will be recrafting the artworks of underprivileged children into marketable products, then selling them to create funds for the education of these children.

The children’s artwork will be taken from Misr El Kheir’s community schools located in Upper Egypt. Misr El Kheir established and supported 800 community schools in the regions of Aswan, Al Fayoum, and more. No further information has been disclosed yet as to where and when these products will be sold.

Misr El Kheir Foundation is a nonprofit organisation that’s stood out over the last several years in Egypt, and for good reason too. They promote charity funds and campaigns to motivate the everyday person to donate and pay it forward.

Main image from World Education Egypt.