Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Miss Eco Universe Beauty Pageant Coming To Sahl Hasheesh

They are sexy and beautiful, hot and kind-hearted, and - above all that - the gorgeous ladies from the Miss Eco Universe Beauty Pageant are here in Egypt for a good cause.

Staff Writer

Beauty pageants of most sorts are either overrated or entirely ripped on by the bulk of humanity; some people are jealous of the beauty and others can't help but poke fun at the evident lack of brain. Now, amid all the flowing gowns and the countless dress changes, you can stop being jealous of hot models strutting up and down stages or aisles at beauty pageants, and root for them instead. It's not every day that you find people utilising female beauty for a non-superficial cause: ecotourism. Most people may not full grasp the importance of ecotourism, even though it is essential to the prolific status of economics in general - allowing people a chance to support nature, wildlife, and the environment.

Miss Eco Universe is set to come to Sahl Hasheesh on the 31st of March and last all the way through till the 2nd of April. Throughout these days, the girls will participate together in various eco-friendly activities and events to exhibit their beauty as they promote eco-tourism as well. Of the coolest and most creative events is the Design Your Own Dress event, where the girls are required to design and craft their own dresses using only recycled materials for their chance to instantly qualify for the top 16. They will also partake in a group cycling event, because nothing expresses environmental love more than letting go of the engine-powered vehicle and hoping on a bike.

Nature and the environment are exemplars of beauty, so these girls are going to use a day to show off their individual natural beauty in sexy swimwear. These beautiful ladies selected from countries across the globe are coming together to fight for the title of ‘Miss Eco Universe’ and the honour of spending the year promoting and supporting ecotourism.

You can totally still feel a bit jealous. Don’t worry, we kind of are, too. No judgement.

For more information check out the Miss Eco Universe Facebook page here.