Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Missed Call...To Prayer

After a Moroccan politcian caused controversy by proposing the dawn call to prayer to be silenced, a bunch of pranksters produce a cheeky video. Watch it here...

Staff Writer

Missed Call...To Prayer

We've all been there: you've just managed to doze off after tossing and turning for hours, when suddenly you are jolted from your near-slumber by your friendly neighbourhood mosque.

The Fajr prayer call (currently blasting out at around 4.30am) has long been a source of irritation and guilt for late night party-goers, insomniacs and those finishing a long nights work. But now, a group of enterprising pranksters have come up with a plan to boost your beauty sleep - by setting to Muezzin to silent. mode. The spoof video features a mosque vibrating in the style of a mobile phone.

In 2008, Moroccan politician Nouzha Sqalli sparked fury when she openly called for banning the Fajr call to prayer in a cabinet meeting. Sqalli asked the then-Minister of Islamic Affairs to find a religious justification for banning the Fajr call to prayer because it may disturb tourists. 

Here at Cairo Scene we're not entirely sure how such a move would resonate with devout Muslims, however, for those of us getting up for work three hours comment.