Monday June 24th, 2024
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Mixxlist Brings Mix and Match Streaming App To Egypt

New music streaming app Mixxlist allows you to source your favorite tunes from other apps to make seamless playlists.

Staff Writer

Mixxlist Brings Mix and Match Streaming App To Egypt

Being in Egypt and not having access to cohesive music streaming services like Spotify can be a bummer. Luckily, there is a bright side: we have just tried out a brand new free app called Mixxlist, available on Android and IOS.

Uniquely, Mixxlist is based on a feature that allows you to smoothly tie together your favorite music from other platforms Soundcloud, YouTube and Vimeo. This aspect, not available on other apps, opens up a huge world of music and allows you to create cohesive, personalized playlists which are easy to edit, reorder and share with other users.  Mixxlist also lends a competitive aspect to easy listening, allowing users to employ hashtagging and contend for 'trending' playlist. 

The interface is simple and attractive: you essentially make a personal profile and go crazy making playlists. On the home page you can see “My Playlists,” “Featured” and “Trending” to get a look at what is picking up and gaining popularity on the app. Furthermore, you are able to share and recommend music to other profiles.

Because it allows you to search through other large music apps, Mixxlist gives you an extensive library to source your favorite tunes and videos from, so you no longer have to suffer the headache of jumping back and forth from app to app to listen to your favorite tracks. You can relax and kick back, focusing on curating your own array of tailored playlists for any occasion. Download Mixxlist immediately, and blast open the doors to your musical paradise. Start out by checking out our personal SceneNoise playlist, designed for your pleasure.

Download Mixxlist for free on Google Play or the App Store and check out our SceneNoise playlist. Follow them on their website, Facebook and Instagram.