Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Modesty Signs A New Kingdom Low

Saudi Arabia strikes again with a new poster campaign telling men to COVER THEIR WOMEN UP!!! Because just in case it wasn't demeaning enough to be deemed unfit to vote and drive, women are now being told they can't dress themselves either...

Staff Writer

Saudi Arabian women have another reason to be pissed at their male counterparts yet again. Recently, in the kingdom of sexists, posters have been placed in schools suggesting that the modesty of a woman should be governed by the men in their family.


With slogans such as “Your manhood can be judged by kind of abayas the women in your family wear,” the signs have obviously offended women, the Saudi Gazette reported on Friday.

Proving that there is at least one reasonable rational man in the kingdom, Majed Al-Dhowayyan tweeted that no one has the right to issue such judgements and asked radicals to correct their thoughts and ideas before judging others on appearances. Meanwhile, other ignorant residents support the signs, believing that they are a new method of improving behaviour and ethics.

When asked to comment about the signs, Minister of Education Mubarak Al-Esaimi refused to comment or confirm whether the ministry agrees or disagrees with the posters, instead shifting the responsibility towards the guidance bureau.

According to the Saudi Gazette, an unnamed source in the Ministry of Education said that the leading causes for the spread of extremism is allowing extremists access to the education sector. The unnamed source also stressed that the ministry and the Kingdom believe in moderation, and questioned why such signs were put up.

The Kingdom and moderation have never really gone hand and hand though, and when one considers that a sexist headline comes out of Saudi Arabia almost on a weekly basis, the fact that these posters are being put up really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, as this sounds like just another average day in Saudi news... unfortunately.