Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Clash: Mohamed Hefzy's New Film

Hefzy's new movie, Clash, is filmed entirely inside an overcrowded police truck, filled with opposing factions from Egypt's political spectrum.

Staff Writer

A French, Egyptian, German, and Emirati co-production, Clash is a film produced by Mohamed Hefzy depicting the story of several factions of the Egyptian political scene after the June 30th revolution. The entire film is shot in a police truck, where all the characters of the movie who belong to opposing political factions are brought together. However, the movie is not politicised."Of course the film has to do with politics," said Hefzy in a recent press release, "but it does not follow a specific political movement." He insisted that the movie was trying to emphasise on the humanistic side of the characters and story, not politics.

The film was shot entirely in a police truck that is eight metres long and sees many of the characters representative of many of Egypt's political facets put face-to-face, stuck in the same dilemma, thus bringing them together sharing the same common denominator. They clash in scenes of violence and madness, with the realistic nature of the clashes being essential. "The film required months of preparation, training, and rehearsals," Hefzy said. "I doubt that any acting crew of any Egyptian film was subjected to such difficulties and challenges faced by the Clash crew in terms of filming conditions and enduring months of rehearsals and preparations."

The movie revolves around how a clash between enemies can be subdued when these enemies must co-operate for survival; it shows the humanistic side of opposing political factions and how, at the end of the day, they all share the same human baseline. The film's events may be two years old, but its implications affect us until today. Its effects on our society are still evident and will remain so until a new approach to integrating all people living inside the country is implemented, ideally by putting them in a small place to get them to interpersonally communicate.

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