Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Mohamed Henedy’s New Film Will Be Shot Entirely in Saudi Arabia

The comedian is making two new films in 2023: a new movie in Saudi Arabia, and the sequel to ‘Se’edi Fl Gama’a El Amrekeya’.

Cairo Scene

Famed Egyptian comedian Mohamed Henedy is making two new films to be made in 2023, one of which is a sequel of the beloved 1998 comedy ‘Se’edi Fl Gama’a El Amrekeya’ (‘The Saedi in the American University in Cairo’), which just had its script finalised by renowned writer Medhat El Adl.

The original ‘Se’edi Fl Gama’a El Amrekeya’ is still remembered as a fan-favourite in Henedy’s extensive filmography, where he starred alongside a cast of then-emerging actors including Mona Zaki, Ghada Adel, and Ahmed El Sakka.

Meanwhile, Henedy’s second project is a yet-unnamed film that will be shot entirely in Saudi Arabia. Although details are scarce as of now, the movie sees Henedy participating in the kingdom’s rapidly evolving film industry.