Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Mohamed Ramadan Vows to Keep Clothes On

Goodbye, Mohamed Ramadan's abs. You will always be numbah 1 in our hearts.

Farah Ibrahim

As the result of a most intriguing bureaucratic beef, actor and singer Mohamed Ramadan has vowed to the Musicians’ Syndicate that he would remain fully clothed during live performances.

Ramadan is no stranger to flexing those hard-earned abs, much to the dismay of those in favour of keeping Egypt’s music scene family-friendly. Since Ramadan is not a member of the Musicians’ Syndicate, he must obtain a one-day license for live performances - now, with every license he gets, the vow to keep his clothes firmly on his own body must be renewed.

Although the entirety of the Arab world has seen his torso at this point - whether it’s in films like ‘Abdo Mota’ and ‘El Almani’, or even on his avatar in the ‘Free Fire’ mobile game - the main point of differentiation here is that concerts are considered public places. And as we know, you’d generally like to be clothed in that context. So does this mean goodbye to seeing Ramadan’s abdomen? We hardly think he’d let that happen, but only time will tell.