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Mohamed Salah Worth 200 Million Euro in Transfer Value, Third Highest According to CIES

Mo Salah follows Raheem Sterling and Kylian Mbappé on the list.

mohamed salah

The CIES Football Observatory has ranked Mohamed Salah as the third highest in their estimations of professional football players' transfer values, with a price tag going up to 200 million Euros. The estimates were made through a scientific assessment based on predictive economic models, variables specific to each football player, and the determination of what clubs are interested in what kind of players.

Mohamed Salah's transfer value was placed in a range between 150 million to 200 million Euros, making him the third most expensive player for another club to buy him out. Second, on that list is Raheem Sterling of Manchester City and England at 200-250 million Euros, and the most valuable transfer is 21-year old Kylian Mbappé of Paris St-Germaine and France at over 250 million Euros. Trailing behind them at fourth and fifth are Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho and fellow Liverpool player Sadio Mane, respectively.

Do you think these players are really worth that much more than Mohamed Salah? Let us know in the comments below.