Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Mona Siag Jewelry

Mona Siag applies the perfect blend of cultural influences, aesthetic brilliance, and modern fashion to produce outstanding collections that will decorate your seasonal wardrobes!

Staff Writer

Mona Siag Jewelry

While spring is slow waltzing into summer, it’s that time of year again where wedding season is in full bloom. Tan lines, cocktail dresses, and fanciful gatherings are keeping us all occupied in the fashion domain, and what better outlet for accessorizing than Mona Siag’s eclectic and beautiful collection of jewelry? A dedicated and passionate architect in fashion ornaments, Mona Siag’s decades of experience in the jewelry industry has informed an extensive variety of unique necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings that offer the perfect final touch to master the chicest look for any outfit.

I had the pleasure of meeting the artist herself and getting to witness the conceptual and practical production of the finished products. Walking into the show room, the chromophile in me was in awe to see all four walls embellished with strings of internationally imported semi-precious stones, in every imaginable color. From round facet to rocky cuts, there were beads of every shape and size; and that’s when I knew that this woman is in fact erudite in working with semi-precious stones. My suspicions were only finalized when I got to see the employees busy at work in the workshop. Evaluating the ideal measurements for stones and paying meticulous attention to the finishing of each item of jewelry, the manufacturers appeared to share Mona Siag’s ardor for the art of jewelry making.



Mona Siag’s showroom has inters from all of her collections (current and previous) on display. What makes Mona Siag’s jewelry stand out, aside from the obvious aesthetic brilliance, are the various styles that inspire the diverse collections. Whether it’s the influence of Turkish, Yemeni nomadic, or Indian Rajasthani jewelry, jointly, the pieces look like what I’d imagine Ibn Battuta’s treasure chest would carry.


The lovely Carla Siag modelling the trademark Mona Siag style of refreshing and bold designs

What I especially loved about visiting the workshop was learning that Mona Siag, unlike some of the more stringent - and in my opinion arrogant - jewelry designers, is welcoming to customized jewelry. Just the other day, as I was getting dressed to go to a wedding, I was frantically looking for a necklace to match my dress. Realizing that I in fact did not have any purple necklace, I made frantic phone calls to friends trying to see if they could help me out. Mona Siag helps you avoid such nuisances by allowing you to engage in an interactive process whereby you can help in the designing process, tweaking and adjusting the look of your jewelry item to best suit your desires. A wonderfully friendly woman, she helps guide customers looking to customize their jewelry by offering suggestions, but otherwise is amenable to the client’s needs. As such, you have the opportunity to indulge in a buffet of semi-precious stones, appeasing your appetite for the ideal fashioning of your own choice.

I suppose I have rambled enough on the artistic perfection, both in terms of aesthetics and quality, of the jewelry; so have a look and tickle your fashion fancy for yourselves. 


A sneak peak at Mona Siag's Turkish inspired artistry

An ideal selection of summery colours to brighten up your season's accessories



Bling it up with Blue!


Black & Bold for the daring!


Be Gorgeous in Green!


Yes, I know. Shut up and take my money! You definitely want to pay a visit to the showroom if you are in the market for spicing up your summer look with a hip and smart boost of colour. Made with gold plated, sterling silver, and semi precious stones, Mona Siag's jewelry is not only exceptionally affordable, but it's a down-right MUST HAVE


Apart from her jewelry collections, Mona Siag also specializes in working with brass and silver appliances and furnishing. Having previously catered to Arab royalty, she produces all sorts of intricately designed items that include, but are not limited to, trays, desk-top and dressing table decorations, money clips, mirrors, bins, and tissue boxes. 

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For further contact details: 

Number: + 202 2632 4061 / +202 2639 5270 Mob: +20122 3254 504 /+20122 3147 606 / +201159033382

Address: 111 Nozha Street - Triumph Square - First Floor, Heliopolis, Al Qahirah, Egypt, 11361 (open Monday-Saturay from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM)