Thursday June 8th, 2023
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Morgan Freeman Documentary To Get Shut Down by Egyptian Government?

Morgan Freeman has been in Cairo for several days, in the process of filming a documentary titled 'The Story of God.' However, the Board of Censorship has just expressed intentions of shutting down the project after they discovered the actor was shooting without a permit.

Staff Writer

It’s a widely known fact by now that American superstar legend of an actor Morgan Freeman is in Cairo now, roaming around our streets, soaking in all the history and immersing himself in Egyptian culture as part of the filming for a new documentary titled The Story Of God.

And in true Egyptian fashion the Egyptian head of the Board Of Censorship Dr. Abdel Satar Fathy has expressed his intentions of resorting to Egyptian National Security to help them end the travesty that is Morgan Freeman roaming freely around our streets shooting with no permits.

After hearing about the project Dr. Fathy has resorted to two of Egypt’s biggest security firms to inquire about the project and whether or not the production team in question has acquired all the necessary permits for the shoot, which it turned out, they didn’t. Due to this, Dr. Fathy has expressed his intentions of potentially shutting down the project.

Another fact that our government here couldn’t swallow, for lack of a better term, is the title for the film, with officials stating that if there’s any show of God in the film, they will use all the power in their means to capture Freeman, where he will cease to be free any longer. JK. But there will be repercussions.