Wednesday December 6th, 2023
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Mother's Day Guide 2018

For 9 months, your momma's belly was your own private hotel. Now it's your turn to pay her back.

Staff Writer


Doesn't matter which side of the bed you wake up on, Cairo Marriott has got this Mother's Day figured out for you and the madre. A full à la carte lunch or dinner at the French eatery, Saraya Gallery, Italian restaurant, Tuscany, or the Japanese specialist, Torii, will be up for grabs at 50% off. Plus that bakery called The Bakery can make a customised cake!



You owe it to mummy dearest to give her a grand old time; starting with a bona fide 4 course Lebanese meal at Ahlein, or maybe you're more into the open buffet spiel? Then head on over to Mirage Cafe; where they're having a dinner buffet for only 295 EGP per person, and to top it all off, a nice relaxing spa day over at Mandara Spa, complete with aromatic massages, soothing scrubs, pool access and all the other trimmings for a EGP 2000 package. 



If you're anything like the us, all-nighter millenials, then a 'three-course dinner would only mean you woke up at 5pm and decided to have all your meals at once. Alas, that shall not be the case on this upcoming Mother's Day: Sheraton's Italian restaurant, Giannini’s, is offering a voucher for said three-course dinner for LE 600 (per person) this March 21st, along with a cooking class (because your mom might be the only person who could replicate that meal later, obviously). 

And (yes, there is more), as if food were not enough (when is food ever not enough?), you can also order a spa gift voucher for LE 1000 — which includes a full-body massage, sauna, steam, and jacuzzi. Please note that it's a gift voucher. For your mom. You can just go home and hug your pets. 


Let's get real, we know they love us and all. But wouldn't a day of pampering at the lush SoSpa at Sofitel El Gezirah be a treat she has earned, if not need immediately? If you don't feel like getting left behind, you're getting 25% off of any extra spa or massage treatment.  


This Mother's Day, the Four Seasons First Residence Spa is offering a fun mother-daughter bonding package. The package includes express mani for 60 minutes for the mum, while the daughter gets a nail coloring for free (up to 14 years) for 900 LE. If you're looking for something extra, this package includes an oil based massage for 45 min followed by 30 min mini facial for 2000 EGP. Over the top package, which is what she really deserves, includes an aromatic massage for 60 min while the daughter enjoys a chocolate temple facial (minimum age: 16 years) for 2200 LE. All prices are all inclusive. For reservations call 02 35672040



If you have FOMO, you definitely don't want to miss out on this offer. When four individuals or more dine at Citron dinner buffet, they'll sneak in a complimentary to-go tart for your mum. So bring yourself, your mum, and 2 of your siblings, or even neighbors for that matter.

Don't have the time to present your mum with some yummy goodies? No worries, the Renaissance Hotel's En Passant has your back with their special baked Mother's Day Treats.

Round up the family (or more specifically, four of them) and enjoy the Far Eastern culinary delights if Renaissance Hotel's Chinoix, where every part of four gets a free special dessert.


Treat yo mama to a special Mother's Day dinner at Ramses Hilton's Breezes or Mahraja restaurants  and she eats for free when dining with two family members. So bring your IDs. Nah just kidding, they'll just do a DNA test for proof. Nah, just kidding. It's a three-course menu for EGP 370 per person.


Surprise your beloved mother with a blissful 90-minute ultimate anti-aging facial at the ever-so-chillaxin' Four Seasons Nile Plaza's spa throughout the month of March. You get her blessing AND 20% off? It's a no-brainer. Call 0227917030 for reservations. 


What's a better place to celebrate the queen mother other than an actual palace? Treat her to a fairytale dinner at any restaurant at Royal Maxim Palace. If you show up in a group of 3, she's on the house.


Spoil the lady who took care of you through your good and bad days by using the spa package presented at the Westin. Promise her a 2-hour laid back treatment with a complete body care package, tip to toe. Prices at 2000 LE.

At 320++ LE, pamper your momma to a fancy dinner buffet including delish dishes that’ll make your time worthwhile at the Westin's Mediterranean restaurant, Paloma. 



At EGP 400, take the mommie out for a grand dinner buffet at 139 Pavillion with enchanting views of the Pyramids serving as the backdrop. That ought to get you all the momma lovin' you want.



Conrad hotel is the easy way out this Mother's Day. Start your lazy Fridays during March with a delicious brunch buffet at Solana, where your queen gets a complimentary meal when accompanied by 3 adults. The same offer applies at Conrad's OAK where her majesty will be treated to a delicious Lebanese dinner, making you score major points for this memorable night. For reservation call 0225808481.