Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Move Egypt Sponsors 'Lift Like a Girl' Heroes for Paris 2024 Olympics

Inspired by their story in the award-winning documentary 'Lift Like a Girl', Move Egypt is upgrading Captain Ramadan's lifting arena to help these female weightlifters prep for the next Olympics.

Farah Ibrahim

Local fitness brand Move Egypt has taken the cast of ‘Lift Like A Girl’ under its wings to help them prepare for the Paris 2024 Olympics. The documentary follows a small weightlifting group training in a humble Alexandria neighbourhood. Filmed at their coach Captain Ramadan’s outdoor gym, the film offers insight into the intimate journey and inner life of these aspiring female weightlifters.


Fitness aficionado and founder of Move Egypt, Ali Ismail, was so moved by their story that he took his team and headed over to Alexandria, where they visited Captain Ramadan’s lifting arena. Ismail decided to fully sponsor and equip these inspiring young women with a world class weightlifting facility that can adequately support them, as well as give them technical knowledge with the help of his team.


“I was a professional track and field athlete back in the day, and I faced a lot of challenges in enhancing my performance,” Ismail tells #CairoScene. “I didn’t have the right ingredients to help me succeed. I wanted to support these girls so that I could give back in a way, because I highly admire their passion and hard work.”


With these new facilities, as well as an Opex fund that Move has opened for them as well as additional sponsorships to be secured on their behalf, Ismail hopes to ensure that these Egyptian female weightlifters can earn their rightful place in the upcoming Olympic Games.