Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Move to Sahl Hasheesh

As one of our favourite destinations in Egypt, here's why you should pack your bags and head to the beach...

Staff Writer

Summer is vastly approaching and as always Egyptians everywhere are frantically weighing destination options for the It spot of 2014. With our finger always on the pulse of what is fun and in this summer, CairoScene not only thinks Sahl Hasheesh will be the most memorable spot to vacation, but decided to come up with eight reasons to permanently move there. 

Clean Air

They say that the simple act of breathing Egyptian air is the equivalent of smoking a pack of cigarettes every day. If this bothers you... you know, not being able to breathe the air, then we highly suggest moving to Sahl Hasheesh which provides some of the freshest, cleanest air in the country.

Boardwalk Beach Party Every Week

Ramadan is Easier in Sahl Hasheesh

Any practising Muslim will tell you that fasting in the summer is excruciatingly difficult. However, there is a way to make it easier and it is as simple as heading to Sahl Hasheesh. Imagine freeing yourself from the hassles of having to make a gigantic feast every day, and instead finding a luxurious banquet ready for you on the beautiful beaches. Accompanying the feast is a diverse selection of live entertainment that puts Ramadan TV to shame. Not sold yet? Then picture every night eating sohour on the beach waiting for the sun to rise, sleeping off the majority of the day, waking up just in time to repeat the delicious cycle again. 

No Talk of Politics

If you live in Egypt then no doubt you are ready to jump from the balcona to escape hearing yet another hour long conversation about coup, Brotherhood, and apathy. If you move to Sahl Hasheesh we guarantee you will never again have to hear about Egyptian politics, as the last thing on anyone's mind when sitting on gorgeous beach staring at the calm Red Sea is who you voted for.

The Best Eid Festivals

If you lived in Sahl Hasheesh, you wouldn't have to worry about making frantic last minute plans to spend the Eid somewhere. When it comes to the Eid there is no better place to celebrate then on beaches with family. No matter the gender or age, there is something for everyone from kid activities, desert safaris, bonfires, to jet packing across the sea and equally fun water sports. There is likely nothing you can't find, making it the ideal place to stay and actually live. 

No Traffic

Egyptians spend more than a third of their lives sitting in traffic. If you lived in Sahl Hasheesh you could be living your life in peace and tranquillity. 

The Great Summer Fest

If you move to Sahl Hasheesh, then you would never have to worry about being one of those unfortunate souls who can't find a ticket to the summer’s biggest and best bash. The Great Summer Fest is a highly charged jam packed marathon of diverse entertainment. No matter what perks your ears, you will find it here, as the explosive genre bending programme of artists are guaranteed to be the most memorable festival this summer. 

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