Wednesday March 29th, 2023
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Music Hall Lands in Cairo

Beirut's legendary Music Hall will be landing at the incredible Porto Cairo Mall for one very special night of dining, dancing, and some awesome performances...

Staff Writer

We all know Egypt is a poor man's Lebanon. Their people are more genetically blessed, their clubbing scene is better, their country looks nicer…we could go on and on but the pertinent matter on this endless list is that their music scene is great. Beirut's legendary Music Hall is the ultimate musical theatre experience. Converted from an old cinema, it’s a sprawling stage and venue that serve as a platform for myriad of live music acts. And now, this legendary Lebanese music sensation is bringing over some of their best and gracing our country with some sensational acts from all around the world.

Music Hall will be landing at the incredible Porto Cairo Mall for one night only (they’re too busy being awesome to spend more than a day in Egypt, sorry) for a night of dining, dancing, and some awesome performances. Here are some of the acts they've got lined up for you; The Chehade Brothers (below) are a Palestinian duo who you may know from Studio Coke and are masters of the Oriental poetic art forms of zajal, ghazal, and taqsim. Now for those of you who are not familiar with these terms, don’t feel bad, neither are we. We turned to that wise and knowledgeable source, Wikipedia, and discovered…It's basically Arabic musical poetry, guys. Also gracing us will be the Italian Tino Favazza with his powerful Opera vocals, the Greek Yorgios Kremastos and Jose Galvez, an international Flamenco singer and guitar player who'll be playing out some sexy Spanish music (really, everything Spanish is sexy). Also joining them will be Rawad, regaling you with some Arabic tunes, and Cheb Majid who will be performing his unique Rai music, which FYI is a type of folk music that originated in Algeria and mixes a medley of languages including Arabic, French, and Spanish.

The event is on the 10th April and starts at 7 PM. The ticket is for 500 LE, including dinner, and seating is based on a first come first serve basis so try and quell your Egyptian desire to be late for everything if you want to get a good seat! Book your ticket exclusively on

Find out more about Porto Cairo Mall on their Facebook fan page here.