Sunday June 4th, 2023
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Muslim-American Hijabi Teen Wins Best Dressed in High School

“Coming from a class of 800 people it was such an honor winning the award as a young Muslim women,” says Abrar Shahin.

Staff Writer

Challenging stereotypes and proving this generation to be accepting, New Jersey's class of 2015 at Clifton High surprised the world and Abrar Shahin, when they decided to give her the Hijab-wearing teen the award for "Best Dressed."

The teenager was quite surprised to have been chosen in a class of 800 students, especially as her simple style is always modest and never missing the essential headscarf she considers as a trademark of her identity, as well as a token of her religious beliefs.

Explaining that she always stood up between her classmates, one of her teachers says: " She was always dressed up, and she always took a sense of pride in her fashion."

Shahin says she gets inspired a lot by hijabi fashionistas who share their outfits on Instagram. With her modest twist to fashion, she aims to show the word that Muslim women are not oppressed as some parts of the world view them to be.

The award winning teen plans to study physical therapy in Rutgers University this fall and hopes to inspire girls to be true to who they are and get over whatever keeps them from expressing themselves.