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Na2Na2a in Technicolor

You wait around for decades for a cool burger / hot dog / cupcake store to open, and then five million come along at once, all more or less on the same street.

So while group-think threatens to suffocate the city’s restaurateurs, one man – Mina  Abdou Youssef  - has stuck two fingers up at the establishment and decided to have a little fun.  “Everywhere you go is pretty much the same these days,” says Youssef who has a day job in the family business. “I wanted to create something totally different yet rooted in Egyptian tradition.”

Menu El Mazmaza: The Ola Experience

Na2Na2a – nestled in  Korba – is a bright, bouncy Neverland-style haven of fresh fun finger foods, games and locally-inspired twists. “Korba has so much tradition and was once such a hot spot. I want to help bring that vibe back,” says Youssef. “We’re the first hangout to open up in the area.”


WE LOVE the spinning menu!
Their spinning, colour-coded menus, delightful drinks served in traditional Olas, candy bowls crammed with Hairbos, technicolur shishas in an array of surprising homegrown flavors and creative bites (we loved the apple pie chips) make for a heartwarming experience. And we can all do with a little heartwarming these days. “You can have drink, smoke a shisha and play a game with friends. We’re somewhere in between a cafe and a restaurant,” adds Youssef.  “More like a home away from home.” As the city descends into depression and all around us lose their heads, Na2Na2a is a sweet little spot of innocence and nostalgia.
Menu El Na2na2a: Mini Me
Menu El Karkara

Na2na2a, 3 El Thawra Street, Korba, Heliopolis, Cairo. Tel: 02 22902831 

Find out more about Na2na2a and like their Facebook page here and follow @Na2na2a1