Friday December 1st, 2023
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Nacelle Announces Its Last Ever Season of House Sessions

Nacelle's House Sessions, the party series that epitomised nocturnal shenanigans and musical mayhem, it seems will be coming to an end - indefinitely.

Staff Writer

A moment of silence has possibly just spread across the city's ravers as Nacelle have announce their current season of the uber popular House Sessions will be its last. For years House Sessions has become a beautiful weekend escape for dance music fanatics and casual party goers alike. DJs became heros, friends were made and we asked the same question every time the lights came on; fein el after? 

There's still four House Sessions left for the season with the next one this Thursday 18th featuring Oxia and Hassan Abou Alam and following that they will be exploring alternative opportunities to get us all together for more fun times. 

On their page they wrote:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come! There are 4 more sessions left until House Sessions is no longer. After five wonderful seasons, we will be putting this beast to rest. Now before anyone jumps onto the rumour mill, we are not stopping House, and we are not stopping our work with the mighty Temple. We have just decided to explore a variety of other combinations after delivering what we feel has been 5 straight seasons of some amazing dance floor moments with you all. We've taken extra care in the remaining bookings, and door price, and overall capacity and vibe to ensure the old school House Sessions feeling in our remaining nights. So here it is below, the final four dates left for us to bounce to."

Main image courtesy of Zeyad Gohary