Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Nacelle House Sessions: Benoit & Sergio Live!

After missing their original date for this season of House Sessions, Benoit & Sergio are scheduled for Thursday night. And with Hisham Zahran on warm up duties, we know where to go this weekend!

Staff Writer

Cairo is in for a treat this weekend as the sensational duo that is made up of Benjamin Myers and Benoit Simon AKA Benoit & Sergio are playing House Sessions this coming Thursday and they will be playing live! This booking has been a long time coming, as they were set to appear earlier this season but had to re-schedule because one of them had a back problem. This time around they brought their midi controllers along with their back braces - just in case - and they are bent on rocking The Temple. 

On warm up duties is none other than House music master, household favourite, and Nacelle resident, Hisham Zahran! it’s been a while since Hisham made an appearance at House Sessions and we are really stoked to see him on the line-up.

If you have been living under a rock at the bottom of the Atlantic you should still know who Benoit & Sergio are; just in case we will leave you with a little bit of their grotesquely outstanding sounds, that kill our ambitions to ever be music producers, because in no way can we top this really.

Ya'll know what to do now!