Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Nacelle House Sessons: Britta Arnold and Aly Goede

As House Sessions fast approaches its last couple of events ever, our inner party animal mourns ahead of the disappearance of Cairo's favourite House music shebang. But it perked up a little when it heard about this week's lineup.

Staff Writer

An integral part of Cairo's nightlife story is coming to an end; the establishment that is House Sessions is set to end its proceedings soon. Sadness abounds, we know. As part of its - extended - farewell celebration, House Sessions invites German artist Britta Arnold over. Born in Berlin, which happens to be one of the world's most dance music relevant cities, Britta has been able in a very short time to make herself an indispensable act in Berlin's nightlife scene and in festivals the world over. Her productions are astoundingly good. She recently teamed up with Philip Bader in the studio, a collaboration that yielded some great results that we can't wait to hear her drop on the House Sessions dance floor.

Britta will be accompanied by local deck dazzler Aly Goede; his signature warm up sets are a pleasure and a joy, and one of the major reasons that we are excited for the night. We expect you to be there early to join us on the dance floor for the warm up set; it's nice to get a working group dynamic going from the beginning - saves us all some very awkward moments. Don't blame us if you arrive late and everyone is already in another world, and you're trying to belatedly get into the vibe; come early and help create the vibe. 

Y'all know the drill now, get ready!