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Nader El Tahawy and Mohasseb to Spin Cairo Jazz Club Into a Frenzy This Monday

Mondays can be tough, but CJC is making next Monday a little easier with Nader El Tahawy and Mohasseb set to rock the Monday blues out of our tormented souls.

There is a very good reason why Monday is the most universally hated day of the week; it's never considered the weekend anywhere in the world. But just as we, Cairenes, have led the world into enlightenment, we have, once again, come through for humanity in its battle against the Monday blues. By we are actually referring to Cairo Jazz Club, who've got you covered this Monday.

The native Cairo establishment and beacon of hope is bringing House gurus Nader El Tahawy and Mohamed Mohasseb to electrify your mundane Monday night as they virtuosically spin some of their signature Tech, Deep, and Progressive House tunes, setting those fists of yours on pumping mode!We've already devised an elaborate plan to come into work late on Tuesday, and so should you. Do you have your excuses ready? 

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