Thursday May 23rd, 2024
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National Council for Women Fighting Against Egyptian MP for Misogynistic Statements

It's about damn time somebody put this guy in his place.

Staff Writer

National Council for Women Fighting Against Egyptian MP for Misogynistic Statements

Egypt's National Council For Women is filing formal complaints with the prosecutor general and the parliamentary speaker against MP Elhamy Agina for his "offensive remarks against women in Egypt and abroad." Dina Hussien, a member of the council, told Ahram that they want the prosecutor and speaker to "undertake all the legal procedures against the MP according to the constitution and parliamentary bylaws to be investigated for his latest and previous remarks."

Agina is an independent member of parliament from the Governate of Daqahliya and is known for his inflammatory statements, mostly regarding women. His latest gem of wisdom on how to improve the country came last week when he suggested forcing girls who wish to attend university to submit to "virginity tests." During an insight into his deranged psyche, Agina said, "any girl who wishes to join university must undergo this test on a regular basis to prove that she is still a virgin," continuing, "she also must submit a document that she is still a virgin in order to be officially admitted to the university."

In September, Agina voted against a bill that would make FGM a felony. He said that women should undergo the procedure because the men of Egypt are "sexually weak."

University professor in Islamic law and MP herself, Amna Nosseir, made a statement saying "Agina's remarks represent an insult to women and public manners in Egypt."  

Agina is absolutely permitted to say whatever crazy backwards shit pops into his head, because free speech and all that, but we also have the same right to ridicule him into oblivion. To start off, we think it's totally hilarious that some dude who is one 'V' away from his name literally being female genitalia is claiming his will should be imposed on women's bodies and minds.