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Naturcamp To Open Egypt's First Nudist Beach Resort in Marsa Matrouh

Popular nudist resort in Germany, Naturcamp, has announced that they are set to open a resort in Marsa Matrouh this summer to become Egypt's first and only nudist resort.

Those who hate bikini or bathing suit tan lines have much to rejoice about, as news emerges that German-owned Naturcamp will be opening Egypt’s first nudist resort in Marsa Matrouh this summer.

The news may come to a shock to some while exciting others as the pet-friendly nudist resort looks to cater primarily to foreigners looking for that extra bit of freedom in a conservative oum el donia. The first Naturcamp Tonsee-fkk is located in Berlin and one of the most popular nudist destination in Germany. Recognising that there is a vibrant German community frequently vacationing to Marsa Matrouh, the Naturcamp hopes to cater to these expats looking to ditch their itchy speedos. Naturcamp owner Tag Aprilscherz says, "German culture loves embracing freedom and many prefer hitting the beach with nothing but their sunglasses. Germans love vacationing in Egypt, and there are even a lot of Germans who have retired here. Masra Matrouh has beautiful waters and a lot of beachside land which has yet to be developed, so we believe it is a perfect place to launch our first nudist resort outside Germany."

The strip down resort is set to open sometime in August in Marsa Matrouh, but will not be opening a lavish five-star resort, but rather a simple on the beach set-up with 50 air-conditioned huts providing plenty of freedom to roam around in your birthday suit. On site activities will include horse riding, kite-surfing, wind surfing, volleyball and table tennis.

Details of the exact opening date have not been announced, but it is being presented as a pet friendly resort, making it one of the few places in the area that welcomes your furry life companions. According to Aprilswertz "We think it is an absolute shame that more resorts in Egypt don’t allow vacationers to bring their pets, and will be making it clear that we don’t just allow pets, but welcome them." At the moment it is unclear if the resort will eventually open its doors to everyone or just those carrying foreign passports.

Also unclear is how angry a nudist beach will make some conservative Egyptians, and whether or not pressure will mount nearer to its opening. "We know Egypt is a conservative country which may not embrace the naturist lifestyle, which is why we will launch by only opening the doors to foreigners and see what happens from there," explains Aprilscherz.