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Nelly Karim Under Fire For Believing in Sex Before Marriage On TV

Nelly Karim recently appeared on TV, but instead of playing the role of a plastic beauty with no opinions, Karim shared her sincere beliefs ranging from marrying out of faith to having sex before marriage.

The talented and outspoken Egyptian actress Nelly Karim is stoking controversial flames after appearing on television expressing that she is against early marriages and having four wives, but supports having sex before marriage and marrying out of faith.The 41-year-old actress expressed these views on a Deutsche Welle TV program called Shabab Talk, where she explained that it's her personal belief that people should have sex before marriage and feel free to marry outside of religion, but that the concept of having four wives and marrying early baffles the acting superstar.

Helping shape her views, Karim credits her mother, who kept her Christian faith after marriage, as well as the fact that the majority of her childhood was spent living in Russia.

Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs; however, the actress instantly came under fire for expressing them on the show. This is not the first time these ideas have sparked controversy as both superstars Nancy Ajram and Maya Diab have shared the same sincere beliefs, sparking a similar reaction.