Saturday September 30th, 2023
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Nerds of Cairo: Brace Yourselves, The Geek Station is Coming

From Dungeons & Dragons to Playstation, from comic books to schoolbooks, this co-working space nestled in a converted apartment in Shobra sets off to become Cairo’s new nerd hotspot.

Staff Writer

Geeks aren’t rare in Cairo, but it sure can feel that way sometimes. One of the problems with having nerdy hobbies in this city is that most of the other people like me can only be found in the privacy of their own homes – faces lit up late at night by the soft glow of their monitors, swearing through their headsets at some punk kids in Brazil completely obliterating them in a game of League of Legends. You know how it is.

The good news is there’s a place now for people like us: Geek Station is a new hangout space for nerds of all persuasions and it’s opening on July 14th. Nestled in a converted apartment in the Helmeyet al Zeitoun neighborhood of Shobra, Geek Station is an assembly point for gamers, students, and freelancers alike. Readers will appreciate the library, which has a growing collection of books to borrow and comfy places to curl up and read, as well as an assortment of board games. There’s also a quiet space with fast internet for visitors to drop in and work or study. Regular events will be held in its Playstation room, including an upcoming Game of Thrones premiere party. Its best feature though is its group of regulars, who won’t look confused or disgusted with you when you suggest a game of Dungeons & Dragons.

Bishoy George, Dungeon Master and co-founder of Geek Station, says the space has potential to build a really strong community in Cairo for fellow geeks. “In my personal vision for going into this project, when I started playing RPG and board games, I saw in them a lot of natural potential for bringing people together and resolving relationship problems in a fun setting,” he explains. George, an elf paladin who wasted all his points on charisma, elaborates, “it's almost always an organic group therapy session. It seemed like an undiscovered gold mine for community building experiences.” 

Here’s hoping for a critical hit!

For more information, check out their event page.

Main image: Geek Station