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Netflix Releases Its First Ever Arabic Campaign of Its Kind, Featuring The Egyptian Pablo Escobar

Created and produced by MO4 Network, Netflix has just dropped an action packed social media mini-series ahead of the launch of Narcos Season 3!

We all know what it's like to be a full blown Netflix addict. Days on end spent binging on your favourite new series, eyes locked on screen, fingers clutching the remote, surrounded by a cosmos of snack wrappers, pizza boxes, and soda cans. You can't remember the last time you saw sunlight, or your friends. The characters are your friends now.
Netflix's new original web series, Netflix Anonymous, created and produced by MO4 Network, imagines a world where such souls end up in a rehab center for TV series addicts - a place where mobiles, TV, laptops, and even wifi are banned in order to help put them on the path to recovery. Ahead of the release of season 3 of Narcos, the cocaine-fuelled show that centres on the drug cartels of Columbia, the two part web series focuses on Ehab, an Egyptian man (played by Ali Azab) who has watched the first two seasons of the now notorious show one too many times and thinks he's Pablo Escobar (casting on point!). He winds up in the surreal clinic along with patients addicted to other Netflix shows such as BoJack Horseman and House of Cards.
Set on September 1st, the day of the release of Season 3 of Narcos, we follow Ehab and his sidekick Limoona (get it? get it?) played by Fathy Algamy, as they do everything in their power to watch the new episodes despite the best efforts of the clinic. Keep an eye out for an appearance from Osama Abdlalah AKA the Skinchezer guy.
Watch part one and two. (Only available from Egypt or change region settings on Netflix's Facebook to view)
A @mo4network #MO4Production

MO4 Production Team:
Created By: Timmy Mowafi
Director: Mark Hanna
Written By: Menna Nefeily, Mark Hanna, Timmy Mowafi, Waleed Mowafi
DOP: Federico Corno
Editing and Coloring: Ahmed Ali
Sound Design: Mohamed Awad
Agency Producer: Soliman Assad
Assistant Producer: Mariam Mansour
Production manager: Mohamed el Sherif
Set Design: Mohamed Adly
Gafar: Ayman Hassanen
Sound Engineer: Basem Lotfy
Main Cast: Ali Azb, Fathy Algamy, Osama Abdullah
With very special thanks to CASTING DIRECTOR Marwa Gabriel and her team at Starz.