Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Netflix’s Queen Cleopatra Gets 2% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes

The Netflix documentary has received one of the platform’s lowest scores based on over 2,500 reviews written by viewers.

Cairo Scene

Netflix’s ‘Queen Cleopatra’ documentary currently has a 2% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes based on over 2,500 reviews written by viewers, making it one of the lowest rated Netflix shows on the website. Reviews by professional critics, meanwhile, have added up to a score of 11% on Rotten Tomatoes as of the time of writing.

The documentary triggered controversy over its casting choices prior to its release. Recently, a team of Egyptian lawyers and archaeologists has called for legal action against Netflix, demanding a monetary compensation of USD 2 billion for allegedly promoting a false depiction of Cleopatra VII.