Wednesday February 8th, 2023
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New Administrative Capital Named Digital Arab Capital of 2021

The Council of Arab Ministers of Communications has named the New Administrative Capital as the Digital Arab Capital of 2021.

Staff Writer

The New Administrative Capital (NAC) is expected to propel Egypt on many different fronts. The big reason this whole project is being done at all, aside from alleviating the dense population of Cairo, is because of technology. It's supposed to be like a soft reset of sorts, moving all the government offices to a city that's built from the ground-up to be more digitally integrated. This ambition was most recently recognised by the Council of Arab Ministers of Communications and Information, who has named the NAC as the ‘Digital Arab Capital’ of 2021.

This recognition is owed to the city’s embrace of digital transformation, the advanced digital and technological infrastructure within NAC, and the fact that it will host the Misr Information University, which is expected to contribute significantly to the country’s digital knowledge and advancement.

Minister of Communications and Informational Technology Dr. Amr Talaat added that the selection of NAC as the ‘Digital Arab Capital’ of 2021 will help develop the country’s national strategy for the use of artificial intelligence in the future, as well as directing international interest to the NAC as a smart city.