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New App Lets You Find the Best Selling and Buying Price for the Dollar in Egypt

Egypt Dollar will show you where the exchange rate stands at all times and even alert you when it reaches a price preset by you.

Apps are everything. They’re ubiquitous because mobile phones are ubiquitous. Nowadays, there are apps that can tell how smart your dog is and apps that speak the letters of the alphabet “in a sultry, breathy female voice” – and yes, somewhere in this vast broad universe, someone has gone through the trouble of downloading and using them. But every once in a while, actual useful apps emerge – like Egypt Dollar.

The brainchild of Tech Bel3arabi Founder and CEO Mohanad Fors, the app brings you live updates on the exchange rate across Egyptian banks, bringing you the lowest buying and highest selling prices and where to find them. The app will soon be updated to display the history of the exchange rate’s fluctuation, and will pretty soon introduce a new feature that lets you set alerts for when the rate reaches a price you set. It’s all grown up; it’s the kind of app your dad, accountant, or lawyer would download.

Fors hinted, however, that this is the first of many more apps to expect from NTAM Tech, a group of young and talented Egyptian programmers led by the savvy businessman. “We started two months ago, and the idea is basically that we are trying to build the next best viral app from Alexandria,” he says. “The concept is to empower fresh graduates and show them how to take their skills into more commercial and structured endeavours in order to come up with new technologies from our region, specifically Alexandria, which is often off the map.”    

With a team of 12, most of whom are women and whose ages average around 23, NTAM has three more projects in the pipeline, which Fors promises will be making some waves soon, but remains tight-lipped about them.

All we can do now is wait and see, and keep track of the dollar as it rises and watch as our college savings haemorrhage.

Photo: AFP
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